Monday, May 25, 2009

Why I started this blog...

I've always dreamed of becoming a grandparent. Since my husband and I started having our family a little later than most of our friends, we were among the last to become grandparents. For years I hoped and dreamed. I started a little "grandchild" hope chest and put books, toys, and other things in it. Since I have chronic health problems, I was beginning to fear that I may not live long enough to enjoy grandchildren... Finally, in October of 2006, my dream came true when little Madison Elizabeth Dasher was born. Two years later, in December 2008, another dream came true when little Caden Wesley Bacon was born.
I love these two blessings from God dearly, and have always been very grateful to have them. Lately, I have discovered many new friends through blogging. I have also discovered many people who have not been blessed with healthy children. This has made me even more grateful than I ever was before.
Madison and Caden, this blog is for you. I hope that one day, when I am long gone from my earthly home, you will read this and know that you were very much loved and appreciated by your MiMi. I will try to record some of our best times together so you can read about what you may not remember. Who knows, the day may come when I will have to read about the times that I can no longer remember--this blog may come in handy!

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