Thursday, June 11, 2009

One For Each Of Us

For a long time, I never thought a picture like this one would be possible. First of all, I thought that Brandy would never decide to become a mother, and second of all I thought that Brett would never get married, much less have a child...I guess that just goes to show how much I knew!

It's really nice when both "grands" come over because now "E" and "MiMi" don't have to fight over who's going to play with the baby like we used to do.

Madison calls Ed "E". It's a name he inherited when I used to babysit twin girls. They couldn't say Ed so they called him "E". We nicknamed him "E-pa", but Madison usually just calls him "E". When she does say "E-pa" it comes out "P-pa".

"E" is Madison's best bud! She knows he will grant her every wish--and then some.
Meanwhile, Caden seems to prefer my company right now. Unfortunately, that will probably change when he realizes who the "push-over" in the family is! For now he seems quite content to visit in my lap...better enjoy it while I can!

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