Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cousins Go To The Movies

Caden's mother works partime at her sister's daycare. This week the daycare took a little "end of the summer" fieldtrip to the movies to see The VeggieTales. Christina graciously invited Madison and us along. Apparently, the little daycare children are big fans of VeggieTales!
I kept looking behind me in amazement at the row of little smiling faces happily munching their popcorn and watching their heros on the big screen. Even little Caden was enjoying himself sitting in his mother's lap. He loves Larry the Cucumber!
Madison sat on her mother's lap and watched the movie for a while, then she took her own seat for a while, but she wasn't in the mood for popcorn. She enjoyed the musical parts of the movie, but was more interested in the steps of the movie theater. She wanted to go and play on them during the movie...I guess she's just not a "die hard" VeggieTales fan. Whenever we ask her about her trip to the movies, she says she went to "The Big TV". Ah, children...gotta' love 'em!

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