Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child, Monday!

Children never cease to amaze me. You never know what they will say or do. Be prepared for anything. My grandaughter has that kind of personality! Maddie actually should've been the daughter of my middle child, who was into everything, not my first born, who was always well behaved. Life is not always fair...

Maddie did not make noise in church on Sunday...she didn't see her father giving her a very dirty look and proceed to blow him a raspberry! No, dear Maddie would never do that--especially in church!

Maddie has not picked up this horrible habit of telling people to "go away" when they rub her the wrong way...not our child!

Maddie did not go into her Papa's gamehouse and see his wild boar's head on the wall, think that it was The Lion King's Pumba and burst into tears...not that child! She did not worry about Pumba until late in the evening after that shocking experience...not Maddie!

Maddie does not constantly say to everyone, "Look at me!" and then later look at us and say "Why you lookin' at me?", no, not that child!

Maddie does not ask for a "samich", chips and tea for breakfast, not that child, and last but not least, Maddie does not follow her aunt around constantly asking her to change baby Caden's diaper...just so she can sneak a peak! That's our Maddie, and she would never do that!

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