Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Family Fun Night--The Hay Ride

Our church had their monthly Family Night last night. Since it is the month of October, it was called Fall Family Fun Night.

The evening began with a hay ride. The children met at the church, piled in a trailer full of hay, and began the journey to a remote location where the adults had gathered to cook and set up games for the children.

At first the trailer looked rather large, but by the time we tried to cram 38 children inside of it, it looked as if the sides were about to burst! Madison and Cade were among the 38 children participating in the hay ride--along with their mothers.

Brandy and Christina both stated that it was an interesting ride. Both had seats at the rear of the trailer, and both said that they thought they were going to fall off a few times. In addition to that, some of those 38 children were feeling rowdy.

Soon the ride ended, and the games began. Cade was too small to enjoy any of that, but Madison had a very good time. That was her first experience playing carnival games, and she enjoyed herself. She even managed to bust a balloon by throwing a dart at it!

After the games, hamburgers and hot dogs were grilled and served along with potato chips and an assortment of cupcakes and cookies. We enjoyed the delicious food in the beautiful
atmosphere of a country setting nestled in the woods overlooking a lovely pond. There was a bon fire, and there were benches surrounding the fire.

It was our first Fall Family Fun Night with our grandchildren and their parents (except for Madison' s daddy who had to work). I sure hope it won't be the last...

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