Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday's Blog Hop, Fall Family Fun

One of the things that our family always looks forward to in the fall is going to the county fair. We always took our children every year, and now our daughter and her husband are carrying on the tradition with Madison. My husband and I went with them last year so we could experience Madison's first visit to the fair...My husband and I actually rode the ferris wheel for the first time in many years.
Another thing that we like to do around Halloween is to bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes. These are some of last year's creations...We used Brandy's old toy cake pans to bake some tiny cakes in for Madison. I kept all of Brandy's tea sets, pots and pans. They are over 25 years old.

We've always taken our childen trick-or-treating on the night that is designated by our town. It's usually a Tuesday or Thursday night the week before Halloween. Last year Madison dressed up as Minnie Mouse. Madison and her family are posing in front of their yard decoration. Brandy, Madison, and I made the stuffed scarecrow.

This the the pumpkin family that Madison's family carved last year. I thought they were so cute. I just loved the baby pumpkin! Putting the ribbon on the stem was my idea...I love how Clint gave each jack-o-lantern a different expression. He's very artistic.

Madison's daddy and mama working hard to get those jack-o-lanterns carved last year...Brandy doesn't look like she was enjoying her job of cleaning out the pumpkin! This year she decided that they would paint the pumpkins instead of carving, and they turned out cute.

I love to decorate outside and inside. This was some of the outside decorations last year. We live back in the woods and nobody sees our decorations, but I still enjoy decorating. Notice the cat on the rail behind me..and the tip of a cat's tail at the bottom of the picture? I have 16 cats, and they are always lurking around in the outside photos! I don't know why I bought that fake black cat, I have several real ones!
This was Madison in 2007 dressed up as a pumpkin. I thought she was so cute! Where has the time gone...Now we have another grandbaby who will be dressing up as a monkey this year! I can't wait to share those pictures...Thanks for hopping by to share our fall family fun. What does your family do?

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Chris said...

happy family moments indeed!

Bacolod and Beyond said...

A great moment for your family. Blessings to you all!