Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Future Chefs...

Do you think either one of these two might grow up to be future chefs? Probably not, but they do enjoy playing with my old Party Kitchen.

I have to thank my husband for finding this play kitchen sitting outside of a trash dumpster, and bringing it home...He does things like that--a lot! It's actually in pretty good shape considering how old it is. I actually found the missing parts--the coffee pot, and the telephone--on eBay, and bought them. You can see the coffee pot on the stove in the picture.

You know the saying..."One man's trash, is another man's treasure." I guess there's something to that...

Anyway, I saved a lot of my daughter's old tea sets and pretend food, so the two "budding chefs" have more than enough things to keep them busy in the kitchen...What's that you say...would you like fries with that, sir?
Of course, have it your way...and have a nice day!

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LC said...

Looks like Mimi is adept at cooking up layers of blessings for grandkids. They can experience "cooking" as well as experience using some of the same toys the preceding generation treasured.

P.S. Got the contest prize yesterday. Jack and Jill board book and puzzle set with be a new treat for my own little ones when they come to visit next time! Thanks!