Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Thoughts..

I bought this little monkey outfit for Caden back at the end of the summer, while we were on our last beach trip in Florida. I didn't know how long it would take him to grow into it. It's a size 12 months and it finally fits. I picked it out because it had a monkey on the front, and Cade has tons of monkey stuff--including a tiny monkey blanket that he sleeps with. He can even tell you the sound that a monkey makes.
I love watching Caden toddling all around my house. My kitchen has two doors leading into the living room. He loves to go in one door, and come out the other one. He does that over and over. Madison used to do the same thing when she was small.
In fact, both Madison and Cade were over visiting yesterday, and she was chasing him through those doors--while carrying a bean bag car. He was loving that! I was trying to make lunch for them while this was going on...I'm sure there will be many more similar adventures in the future!
Yes, the house comes alive when the grandkids come around...and gets silent when they leave...It's the best of both worlds--and I like it that way!


Baba said...

Good morning Maddie, Caden is so cute with his special monkey shirt on from you.Fred and I are headed to Atlanta tomorrow for our granddaughter's 7th birthday and will stay for a week to help out our daughter Julie with her side business of selling consignment kids clothes..We enjoy being around the little ones.. when we are not with them, my husband always says .. "it is too quiet around here and I miss them waking us up in the morning" true!!!
Have a good day and a sunny and warmer week-end. Hugs, Baba

LC said...

Your post certainly captured the joy of having little ones in our home, as well as the joy of quiet! Best of both worlds indeed! Have a great weekend!