Thursday, February 11, 2010

Give This Picture A Caption Contest!

This is an older picture of my granddaughter, Madison, but it's one of my favorites. We see this facial expression a lot! Can you suggest a good caption for this photograph? Leave your suggestion in the form of a comment. On Monday morning, the winning caption will be announced...and the winner will receive the prize shown below! Good luck, and thanks so much for participating!

This week's prize is a pencil by number poster/pencils, and a set of three scratch a sketch pictures. These activities would be suitable for older children...or art loving adults!

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

I have a few ideas:
my my madi
madison with an emotional mess
kitty don't mess with Madi
Looks like the kitty is trying to comfort her saying "no use Crying over spilt milk" as the glass lays tipped over next to her!
just a few thoughts..cute photo