Monday, February 8, 2010

A Good Grandfather Is A Blessing...

When I watch Ed with the grandchildren, I can't help but remember his daddy--my father-in-law. "Grandpa" was a wonderful grandfather to our children. He was my emergency babysitter since he retired shortly after our first baby was born. He was never too busy to help out if I needed him. The only problem he had was changing poopy diapers. He had a weak stomach, and would gag! (ha)

"Grandpa" would always sit and talk with our children, and got such pleasure out of being around them. I can still hear him laughing as he talked with them. He didn't actually play with them(his wife said he didn't know how to play because he'd worked all of his life), but they didn't seem to mind. They just enjoyed being around him because was always jolly.

"Grandpa" was always giving the children something. Chewing gum, candy, breath mints (ha), whatever he had with him at the time. On Sundays, "Grandpa" packed his suit pockets with chewing gum and breath savers. He not only took enough treats for his grown children and grandchildren, but for several other children as well. "Grandpa" got great pleasure from sharing his treats.

My husband is a great deal like his own father was. He's happy, easy-going, and never to busy to help. He would keep either grandchild in a minute if he needed to. He can change diapers as well as any mother.

He's never too tired or busy to stop and honor the request of a grandchild. Whether it's playing "Ring Around the Roses" or having a tea party, he's always willing. He keeps his pockets filled with gumballs whenever his is outside(he got in trouble with MiMi for giving out gum inside), and he's always the first to sneak a grandchild a piece of cake or a cookie. He's already taught Cade where the candy dish is!

Our entire family still attends the same church, and sits on the same pew. There are Sundays when my husband has his pockets full of candy, and will pass it out to our grown children. For a brief moment I remember those Sundays, so many years ago, when his daddy did the same thing--and I smile.

Yes, a good grandfather is a blessing...just as mine and Ed's children were blessed, so are their children...and so the tradition goes on.