Tuesday, April 13, 2010

16 Months Old Yesterday...And No Paci

This picture was taken about a month ago, but I love it. Cade looks so "grown up" in his sweater and jeans. Notice, that hand putting that shape in the correct hole--while watching me with the camera...The boy's got brains...
I didn't think about it until today, but Cade turned 16 mos old yesterday! Where has the time gone? Of course, he's at the age now that he keeps us all entertained. Each new day brings more words to his vocabulary, and I do believe he grew an inch just last week!
He gave up his pacifier about a month ago, but in the process he's become a bit of a "night baby". He wakes up every night, and hasn't figured out how to comfort himself and go back to sleep. His parents are struggling with this--especially his mama, who does all of the getting up and down...It's hard to convince them that it will pass.
Oh, if they only knew...getting over this "hurdle" is just the first of many more that they will face in raising this beautiful child...but what a wonderful journey it is...I'm thankful that I get to "tag along"!