Monday, April 12, 2010

Strawberry Fields...Strawberry Festival

On Saturday, Madison's parents took her to a nearby Strawberry Festival. In addition to fields of fresh, juicy strawberries, there were all kinds of activities for young and old alike...

In this photograph you can see people in the field picking strawberries, while the festival is going on beside them. Look close and you will notice a row of white tents--the site of a Civil War re-enactment taking place...

Several activities were available, but Madison's favorite activity was probably the "cow train". It was a little train made from barrels that were decorated to look like cows. Neat idea!

Madison's favorite activity would have been the "bouncy house", but an unfortunate incident occured that put that activity low on her list...

While Maddie was bouncing in the "bouncy house" a large boom sounded...and the bouncy house immediately began to deflate--quickly! The generator had stopped working. Madison had the misfortune of being located near the door, which made her get trampled as scared children began bolting for the exit!

Brandy's mom was trying to hold the deflating house up--along with two other adults--to keep the children from being trapped inside. Meanwhile, Maddie's daddy sprang into action and rushed to Maddie's rescue, getting her out of the deflating house, but not before someone kicked her in the face! She brought home a black eye as a souvenir!

Madison didn't care for the pony rides either. She sat on it for just a second, then decided that she didn't want any part of that pony after all...I think she's just not going to be an animal lover.
I think that Madison's second favorite part of the Strawberry Festival was...the food. She told me that she had french fries, catsup, and corn dogs for lunch...along with fresh homemade strawberry ice cream! Ummm.... She's a lot like her MiMi!