Saturday, September 25, 2010

Six Word Saturday...September 25

I'm playing SWS over on this blog today. I feel as if I've been neglecting it lately :( It's hard
to keep up with two blogs-- and with the grandchildren "doing their own things" these days,
it's hard to always have material to blog about. The times they are changin'--just like the
leaves on the trees...

My six words for today are:

The best things in life--priceless !
How can you put a price on a pony ride given by your grandpa? You can't. How can you put
a price on fun time spent with your little granddaughter? You can't. I rest my case!


Linda... said...

I agree most heartedly! I'll be spending time with my granddaughter today (Adison will be 3 in January). Have a wonderful day!!

Tori said...

Isn't that the truth, what a sweet picture of grandpa and granddaughter!!

Nora Johnson said...

My 64U:
Best thing in life is family!

Have a good weekend,


”Fashions Fade but Style is Eternal” (Yves St Laurent)

LC said...

Judging by her expression, Maddie agrees with your six word sentiment!