Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Ugly Princess...

The older our granddaughter, Madison, gets, the more opinionated she gets...and this sometimes gets her in trouble. (I sometimes have the same problem.)
This past weekend Madison's mama didn't feel particularly well for most of the weekend. She layed around the house in her comfy clothes, and didn't bother to "fix" her hair.
Sometime over the weekend, Madison looked at her mama and said, "Mama, you look like an ugly princess."(talk about getting kicked when you are down...)
Brandy quickly shot Madison one of those "killer looks" that she and I are so famous for, and quickly asked Madison, "What did you just say?"
When Madison saw that "killer look", and heard that "tone" in her mama's voice--she knew that she'd messed up!
She quickly covered her mouth, then tried to back-track and say that she meant to say "a beautiful princess."(learning to lie already!)
Brandy then gave Madison a little lesson in what is and is not appropriate to say--and sent her to her room to think about "things" for a while.
I wonder if Madison will keep her thoughts to herself next time...probably not, it's a trait that seems to run in this family!

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LC said...

Loved this life lesson episode!