Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On The Move...

My favorite little guy spent some time with us on Friday afternoon/evening.

It had been a while since he'd visited for that long.
He only sat still for a total of about ten minutes the entire visit.
Most of those ten minutes were while he was eating supper.
At one point, he grabbed a throw pillow and got in the recliner to watch some television.
I grabbed my camera and took his photograph.
I'm glad I took it quickly.
He was up and gone about two minutes later.
Now I know why people have babies when they are young!
I also know how Cade's parents manage to stay thin.
Did I mention that Madison was visiting, too?
The two of them had a blast!
MiMi slept very good that night.
The end...


Caty said...

sounds like a wonderful visit!

Rose said...

It's great to have these beautiful children as a part of life's treasures. cute photo. rose

Mary said...

Cutie pie! Love those socks!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Madison!