Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Back To School...And Other Things

Madison was finally able to go back to school today--after being absent all of last week. She was excited and ready to go. The bad thing was--her mama didn't realize it was "Pooh" day, so Madison didn't get to take one of her "Pooh" toys to share! She has lots of "Pooh" toys, and she was disappointed.

Madison also gets to go back to dance class this afternoon. She gets to take a stuffed toy to dance today, so that made her feel better. She said she was planning to take her mermaid. Hmmm...a dancing mermaid?

Yesterday, Madison came over for a while to watch a movie on Netflix. She thinks watching Netflix is a big deal these days. We watched a Bugs Bunny movie--made up of cartoons that I used to watch with my children when they were small. I still find Bugs Bunny entertaining.

After the movie, Madison asked to see inside my mouth, for some reason. I asked her if she saw all of my fillings. Then I explained to her that I didn't brush my teeth when I was little, and that's why I have these cavities(fillings).

Madison promptly went home and tattled to her mom that "MiMi didn't brush her teeth when she was little--and she has cavities!" Perhaps Madison will remember MiMi's giant fillings next time she's not in the mood to brush!


Cindy said...

Bugs Bunny is my all-time favorite !!!

LC said...

Isn't it great when your grands love the same things you loved as a child! And i enjoyed your pix of Maddie and her curls from that unexpected angle.