Friday, August 26, 2011

Memories of Sprinklers, Tootsie Rolls...and Me

I wish I had a picture of what I saw on Wednesday.  I was riding by Cade's house when I spotted two little boys outside in the yard, in their underwear, playing under the water sprinkler!  The sight was precious!

Christina, Caden's mother, sometimes keeps another little boy named Jayden, who is just a few months younger than Caden.  The two boys are nearly the same size, and could pass for twins.  The two boys have played together off and on for ages, so they've grown up together.

The boys were oblivious to everything as they were running around in the yard, and ducking in and out of the sprinkler.  I noticed a toy tractor parked up next to the sprinkler, so I'm assuming they were riding in and out of the water at some point.

By the time I stopped my car, and walked up to them, the little boys had moved on to climbing the sliding board.  I had a brief conversation with them, gave each one a "tootsie roll", then  headed back to my car to continue my journey home.

As I was leaving the two boys, I couldn't help but remember similar good times during my own childhood.  I still remember how exciting it was to get my parents' permission to play under the garden hose!  It's nice to know that a few things haven't changed. 

As I watched the boys happily chewing their "tootsie rolls", I smiled.  I recalled another happy memory from my own childhood. .  I loved nothing better than eating candy, but these days something's changed!  It's the size of those "tootsie rolls"...They keep getting smaller and smaller!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story. :-)

I remember a time when I could go buy a piece of bubble gum for a penny. Now it's a dime. :-(