Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Madison, Corduroy, and Various Obsessions...

This is an actual picture of Corduroy the Bear playing on my television--while I am watching it with grandaughter, Madison...for what seems like the 50th time! One thing about Madison, she either obsesses over something or cares nothing about it! Hummm, I wonder who she gets that trait from...ahem, could it be me???
I bought her a whole set of dvd's of scholastic books and out of the whole set, Corduroy is her favorite. The little bear is an animated puppet and she is just captivated by him. She watches every detail from beginning to end as he wanders about the store in search for a button.
When she arrives at my house, you can bet within 5 to 10 minutes she will ask to "watch the bear." Oh my, I will be glad when we move on past Corduroy! One good thing about this obsession, it only lasts maybe 10 minutes. The last obsession was "The Lion King" and that one lasted almost 90 minutes! I sent it home with her! Thank heaven for short obsessions!

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