Friday, July 31, 2009

What's Up With This Face, Caden?

For the past two times that my favorite"little man" has come to visit his MiMi, this is the face that he's had. Usually he is smiling from ear to ear when I talk to him, but not lately. He's become somewhat "straight-faced". Not a smile, not a frown, just straight! No matter what I say to him he makes this face...which is really sort of funny!

Notice the little baby blue sailor suit that Caden is's been a source of conflict between his mother and father! His daddy thinks it's too "gay" and his mama says it looks like a baby--and Caden is a baby! I tend to side with Cade's mama on this one....I told my son, Brett, that when he was a baby, he had a light blue sailor suit, too, and he just rolled his eyes. I guess this will be the last time we see this outfit on Caden, because it's just about too small...and Brett is glad!

Well, smile or no smile....sailor suit or nothing at all, I think my favorite "little man" is perfect just the way he is!

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