Monday, July 27, 2009

Tuesday's Blog Hop=Favorite Kid Pictures

I recently held a photo contest on Facebook. This photo of my grandaughter, Madison, had two winning captions. #1. Sweet Summertime! #2. When caught in the act, it is important to don a disguise. This one we call "in-CHOC-nito"!
The winning caption for this photo of my grandson, Caden was "How about a little cool whip with that Honey Bun"?

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What beautiful photos. I am joining this blog of yours as well. Hope to talk soon. Blessings,

homeschoolceo said...

Adorable photos :D

Anonymous said...

Great shots. It's making me hungry for ice-cream.

HeatherOz said...

Great photos and very funny captions!
Heather-blog hoppin

Family American Style. said...

Hi, I’m just hopping around. I have enjoyed your blog. Thanks for sharing.