Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cade's Best Friend, Larry

Recently, when our whole family went on a family vacation to the beach, we took some time to do a little browsing and shopping. One of our stops was the Goodwill Store. That particular store had a rather large assortment of children's books. We all love books!

Cade's mama found several books that were in mint condition. Among those finds was a "Veggie Tales" book. Cade was sitting in the shopping cart when she handed the book to him. He got so excited! I wish I'd taken video of his reaction. He sat in the cart and looked at that book over and over while we finished shopping.

Later, I took the opportunity to read the book to find out what "Veggie Tales" is all about. It was a cute little book with a nice concept behind it. Cade's definately already gotten seventy-five cents worth of pleasure from that book! Cade says he doesn't know about concepts and bargains, he just knows that he LOVES Larry the Cucumber--and if Cade's happy we're happy, too!

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