Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cade's Special Gift to Us

This past Sunday was Grandparent's Day. My husband and I were out of town on a weekend trip to the beach. I always take my laptop computer with me when I go off overnight. I checked my email and facebook on Sunday morning to find a sweet message from Caden wishing us Happy Grandparent's Day. I hadn't even thought about what day it was...until then!

On Wednesday evening, Cade and his mother came to visit with us, while our son was at a church nominating committee meeting. They came bearing the gift that is pictured above. I love it so much, I just had to share it with you! It's one of those gifts that I will treasure always...

When Christina and Brett came to tell us the news that they were expecting Caden, they handed us a small framed sonogram photo with words under it saying "What's in my tummy?" That's how they broke the news...I thought that was quite unique, and I also have a keepsake reminder of that special occasion.

Thanks to Caden(and his mom) for the lovely Grandparent's Day gift...and for the precious memories that you have given us during the past 9 months of being your grandparents...You're such a blessing to us!

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