Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It Eventually Happens To Everyone...illness

I'm running late publishing my post for today for a good reason...Madison got sick yesterday afternoon with a fever of 103. After a long night, Maddie's mama called me this morning, and asked if I would please drive the two of them to the pediatrician's office which is 30 miles away.

By now, I carry a camera in my purse, so I couldn't resist snapping a pic of Madison while she was waiting for Dr. P to come in and check her out! I just can't resist a Kodak moment.

It turned out that Madison has picked up some viral thing. Nothing to do, but let it run it's course. We hear this every time that we take Madison to Dr. P. Dr. P doesn't believe in using antibiotics unless it's absolutely unavoidable. Fortunately, Madison hasn't been sick very much in her lifetime, and has never taken any antibiotics. By the time my own children were 3 years old, they had taken a "boat load" of antibiotics! Times have changed...

After the doctor's visit, I think Madison ended up feeling better than her mother and I did. We came home and wanted to nap--Madison wanted to play! I told Madison, who gets very cranky when she gets sick, "Madison, you are ornery", to which she replied "No, I'm Madison!" Kids, you gotta' love em...

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