Thursday, September 24, 2009

What Has Caden Been Up To???

I haven't seen my "little man" in almost a week! I spent some time with him last Thursday night, then started feeling bad on Saturday, so I've avoided contact with him. Although I still talk like a frog, he and his family are coming to eat supper with us this evening--and I can't wait!

Cade's daddy, my oldest son, made a deal with me that if I would cook supper, he'd come and reinstall my computer printers. I haven't been able to print anything since getting a new computer. I have three different printers--each has a different purpose, so it's a bit complicated. Hey, it works for me! I love a good deal!

I borrowed this picture from Cade's mother. I think it shows perfectly exactly what Cade has been up to lately! Cade's daddy says he's trying to pull up and climb on everything in sight. It looks like he figured out how to open his clothes drawer...wonder if he's figured out how to remove those clothes yet???

On Cade's last visit at my house, he had a great time crawling everywhere and exploring everything. He had no time for toys, he was more interested in the magazines under the coffee table, and the swinging door on the end table! That reminds me--I need to go and move those magazines...

Cade's mom took him for his 9 months well-baby visit yesterday and he weighs 18 and 1/2 pounds. He's doing great! A very happy, very healthy little boy, for which we are truly grateful! I am sure I will have new pictures and more things to post about Cade, after this evening's visit. Until then, thanks for stopping by...

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Night Owl Mama said...

what a handsome little guy and sounds just perfect