Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cade's Family Gets a New Car...

Cade's family has been looking for a new car for a while. His mom's car was "on it's last legs", so to speak. Once Cade's parents decided what kind of car they wanted, the looking began. Unlike the days when Ed and I used to drive all over looking at different car lots, Christina simply went on the internet and searched.
About 3 or 4 weeks ago, Christina found a car that she liked in Jacksonville, Fla. which is about a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from where we live. The following weekend Christina and Brett went to look at the car. It was just what they were looking for, but things didn't work out for them to make the deal that day, so they came home without the car.
The whole following week Brett worked on the financial details, getting the price in the right range and getting financing. Many phone calls were made that week. It was a long, stressful week, but I won't bore you with all of the details. Finally things fell into place and the deal came together. Plans were made to go, sign the papers, leave the old car, and pick up the new car on Sunday afternoon. I was surprised that the car dealership was even open on Sunday, but I guess hard times call for desperate measures.

Christina's old car started "acting up" on Saturday night. They weren't sure what the problem was, but the battery seemed to be going dead. After charging it overnight, the family attended church Sunday morning, then began the journey to Fla.

They made it about an hour and a half into the journey when the car began to go dead again. Luckily, they were near Brunswick, and headed toward an auto parts store. Unfortunately, they had to travel over a high bridge to get to one. The car would only chug along up the bridge at about 10 miles per hour--sort of saying "I think I can, I think I can." However, it coasted down the other side. They finally made it to Wal-mart and had the alternator tested, and bought a new battery. In a while, were back on the road again!

The real trouble began when they got back on the interstate. They were riding down the interstate, with the windows open, and no air conditioning in an effort to save the power in the battery. Suddenly the car just didn't want to go into gear and go. Nothing they tried helped. The top speed they were able to reach was 45 mph...Can you imagine 45 mph, on the interstate, with the windows rolled down, cars and large trucks passing left and right, and an irritable baby in the carseat?

Finally, Cade's parents realized they might not reach the car dealership before it closed. They called the salesman and told him their problems. He agreed to wait at the dealership for them(and later told them he planned to rescue them if the car died in route). After 5 and 1/2 long hours they made it to the dealership--30 minutes after it closed. They sort of coasted in on a wing and a prayer!

The deal was completed, old car left behind, new car gladly picked up! Before leaving, the salesman asked the couple if they were christians, they replied that they are. He related that he could tell, and that he was a former pastor himself. He said that he couldn't help but wonder if they hadn't made the deal on a Sunday, would they have had all of those car problems....Good question, but at least they went to church before they went to make the deal!
I hope my son and daughter-in-law don't mind me sharing this was just too fascinating not to share. Thanks so much for stopping by...

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Kathy, Glad they were able to get their new car. Great story... Have a great day. Blessings,