Monday, October 5, 2009

Tuesday's Blog Hop--With A Humorus Twist

The theme of today's blog hop is to fill in and finish the following story. I've had my share of drama this past week, with a health scare of my own(it's ok, I think), plus I seriously and truthfully filled in the blanks on my other blog Kathy. Therefore, I choose to let my sense of humor shine and fill out this story with a humorus twist. None of this story would ever happen the way I wrote it(I hope)...except I might shop at Wal-mart until I dropped! Enjoy....

You just found out you have one week to live. The first person you call is your husband and say "
I'm about to kick the bucket, so your life is about to be a lot less stressful!" Immediately after

hanging up the phone, you leave the doctors office and before heading home you go to Wal-mart

so you can shop until you drop! You gather your family at home that night and say "you'll be rid

of me in a week then all of you together can fuss and argue over who will get what! Have fun!"

You book a three day trip to three different places because you've always wanted to gamble in

Vegas, shop in New York, and surf in California! On the way back from your trip you stop off

at Nashville, Tennessee to meet with Alan Jackson because you've been meaning to for a long

time because you love his music. For two more days you spend your time reading all of the blogs

that you follow, watching all of the tv shows that you've recorded, and eating all of the desserts

that you can get your hands on. You make sure you , wash the car, go to the grocery story and
then cook a nice big meal for everyone, and clean the house real good... three things you know
you should have taken
care of, but have been putting off. The final day is too personal to write about, but you wonder to
yourself: why did I have to get a death notice before I finally did all those things this week? The

reason I'll probably keeping putting off all those things is I am broke, old, and a bit lazy, but I am
happy in spite of all of these things...

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Jules said...

Thanks for the humor in your post. You made me smile. :-)

Jenna said...

I'm too lazy to do the things I should do before I die also...
Funny post!!