Monday, October 5, 2009

Not Me, Monday

Let me begin by announcing the winner of this weekend's giveaway. The winner of the spinning/spraying bathtoy is Tamara B.....Congratulations! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! I will be having another weekend giveaway beginning on Friday.

As I wrote in my first blog, my crazy week started out with a mammogram, dentist appointment, and my husband negotiating for furniture. The week got crazier by the day...

No, our church was not having a 3 day revival last week! I had not been to church in quite a while, but the Holy Spirit had been dealing with me and I knew that it was time to get back in church. After fighting off a sick headache, I did not get dressed, along with my husband, and go to church. I did not pull out my reading glasses at church to find that the leg had fallen off! I did not spend the entire time at church trying to balance my reading glasses on my nose!

I did not find out that I was having out-of-town company for the weekend. I was also not having old furniture picked up, and new furniture delivered on Saturday, two members of my family baptized on Sunday morning, and an out of town trip to see "PlayHouse Disney Live" on Sunday afternoon!

On Thursday, I did not get a call from the hospital saying that I needed to come back and have more mammogram films done because of a suspicious spot on one of the films! I did not make an appointment for more x-rays on Friday...

I did not return to church on Thursday night, after stopping over to have cake and ice cream with my daughter on her birthday...I did not enjoy the church sermon very much. My daughter did not unexpectedly show up at church, too! No, I did not spend part of Thursday night in the bathroom with an upset stomach--probably due to the news about my mammogram.

I did not start Friday morning in the bathroom, followed by having more x-rays made of my left breast, and being told that I wouldn't know results until the first of the next week... I did not eat lunch with my husband following the x-rays, then drive 15 miles to the grocery store to buy food for my weekend guests and a cookout. I did not come home and crash on my old couch--for one last time. My company did not arrive 3 hours later.

Saturday morning did not start out in the bathroom again and with a double shot of Pepto Bismol! My brother who was one half of my company, did not look at me and ask what happened to my eye! I later looked in the mirror and discovered that I had burst a blood vessel in my eye and looked like I was crying blood! I will not be visiting the eye doctor next week!

My company did not leave immediately after the people who purchased my old furniture picked it up and we were left without a place to would not be another 2 hours before the new furniture arrived! I did not "crash" on the new furniture soon after it was delivered!

Sunday, I did not go back to church and see two members of my family being baptized--who happen to be Madison's parents. No, it was not a beautiful service!!! Maddie, her parents, my husband and I did not eat a quick lunch, then drive an hour and a half to see "Playhouse DisneyLive". We did not then, eat at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, stop by Wal-mart, then arrive home at 9:30 pm. I am not typing this post at 11:53 pm...

I am not going to wrap this up and go to bed for a very much needed rest. If you still have any energy after reading this post, hop on over to Mckmama's at and see what's going on at her blog carnival.

If you need me this week, I'll be waiting for those mammogram results and getting my bloodshot eye checked out! Thanks for stopping by....

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