Thursday, May 13, 2010

"You Don't Know..."

I look at this picture of granddaughter, Madison, and I can almost "see" the future...Telephone to ear, pink painted fingernails...and already very opinionated!

One morning this week, I think I also "heard" a little bit of the future...Madison was chattering to me about how she was going to go to spend the night with Nana (her other grandma). When I began asking Madison about it, her mother spoke up and said "No, she's not spending the night with Nana." Then I possibly "heard" a little bit of the future when Madison replied to her mother..."You don't know..."

If Maddie's not even four yet, and she already thinks she knows more than her mother...what does the future hold? Grab those reins of life and hold on Brandy...this may be a bumpy ride.


Kel said...

My kids are in the same stage. It is so cute, but a little frightening!

Tree said...

LOL Been there, done that! My grands are only 2 and 3, and are also very opinionated. (tee hee) Cute photo!

NanaDiana said...

Oh~Don't you love it? Payback through a grandchild is THE BEST! I can see it coming with my daughter's least ONE of them is gonna be just like her! lol