Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update...

It was a busy weekend in "our neck of the woods". Saturday was the 34th annual Glennville Sweet Onion Parade and Festival. The day begins with several "runs" being held, followed by the parade, followed by the festival. You gotta' love it when your town is famous for an onion!

I didn't attend any of the Onion Festival activities this year, but Caden was in the parade. I'd love to track down a photograph of the float that he rode on. His mama helps run a pre-school called "Little Rascals". Every year they have a float in the parade--and every year Caden gets to ride on it.

The photograph above is me, my daughter, Brandy, and her daughter, Madison-- all wearing our new Onion Festival T-shirts.


Jeanette Huston said...

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Jeanette Huston

Deb K said...


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NanaDiana said...

I love the family resemblance. What a darling child! I don't suppose the Parade is for Vidala onions, is it? There's a little town called Algoma here and they have a Shanty Days parade. To be in it all you have to do is show up and tag onto the end of it-you can pull a float, or a wagon..or just drive yourself in your car. It is a hoot. The parade can last a couple of hours and you stake your seat out EARLY the morning of-with a lawn chair!

Christina said...

I wish they would've had a t-shirt in Caden's size... I got one and wanted him one too, but maybe next year. And I'll email a picture of the float to you, or you can get one off my blog--I'm about to post about that. :)