Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cade's Corner...

This little space in my living room is probably Cade's favorite place in the house. Three baskets of toys are located behind this little end table, and he absolutely loves pulling the little shelf of the end table in and out. It's a hidden shelf that pulls out to hold your drink. Sometimes Cade gets carried away pulling the little shelf in and out--then he gets into trouble.
Cade absolutely loves that framed picture that sits on the end table. It's a photograph of his daddy, along with his Uncle Brad, and Uncle Clint. None of the men smoke, but all are sharing a cigar in the photograph, in honor of Brad's newly earned college degree.
Cade constantly points to the people in the photograph, and names who they are, especially his "Daadee". Last night I asked him who was the ugly man in the photograph, and after a minute he replied "Brad" in his tiny baby voice. We all laughed! I then asked him who was the prettiest man in the photograph, and he quietly replied "Kint". Too funny!

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