Monday, August 23, 2010

Guess Who Came To Visit...

We are so blessed to have our children living all around us. I don't know what I'd do if this were not the case--we're spoiled. Our oldest son married and moved 7 miles into town a few years ago, and it was hard...I always felt as though a piece of me was missing. Fortunately, he felt compelled to move back to the family farm just over two years ago!
Thankfully, our family is a close one. We see each other on a regular basis. I spend time with my daughter daily, since we live so close--right next-door. We don't always see our sons a lot during the week, due to their long work commitments, but on the weekends we usually end up spending time together, and it's nice.
This past weekend, Cade's family visited us on all three evenings, and it was nice. On Friday evening my son called and explained that they were coming over because "we don't have any money, we have a kid, and there isn't anything to do "...LOL I love Brett, he's so much like me...he tells it like it is!
The adults played some Wii, while Cade tried out every pair of MiMi's shoes that he could find! He is impressive in his ability to actually walk around in shoes that are miles too big for his feet!
Cade's vocabulary is expanding, and he is now talking in sentences of 4 to 5 words...but he still talks "oh so softly", barely above a whisper. He quietly goes about, walking in my shoes!
One of Cade's favorite activities to do is to run and jump in your seat whenever you get up for something. He accompanies this action by saying "My chair!" and doing an evil laugh! Cade, you are a funny boy--and it's "MIMI'S CHAIR!"


NanaDiana said...

Yes! What a blessing to have those kids so close. Some of ours are only about 5 minutes away...the other one about 90 miles. You are a lucky gal! Diana

Baba said...

Wow.. Cade has the cutest expression on his face..he is adorable.I would love to live so close to my grands that live in Atlanta.I miss out on their everyday activities..You are so blessed to have yours around you..
Hugs, Baba

LC said...

Love Cade's sense of humor! Can't wait to see what he does next. You are a wonderful at chronicling these details of their childhood.