Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Guess Who's Learning To Dance...

When my daughter, Brandy, was small, I decided to enroll her in dance classes. She was very shy and awkward. I thought the dance experience would be good for her, and it was. She ended up taking dance lessons for seven or eight years.

Here it is twenty-five years later, and Brandy's daughter(Madison) started taking dancing lessons yesterday! She enjoyed prancing around in her leotard and tights just as much as her mother used to.

I must say that it was pretty eerie seeing Madison get out of the car in her little dance outfit. She looks just like her mom used to look! I hope that she will enjoy her dancing experience just as much as her mom did. MiMi can't wait for recital time! Now I can actually sit and enjoy the performance--and not have to worry about costume changes!
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NanaDiana said...

Uhh...Mimi-I got news for you...You will be pressed into duty to HELP with the granddaughter's changes too...If I were a bettor-I would bet on it. I know exactly what you mean though-I never was forward enough thinking to think that someday I would be watching my daughter's daughters dance. The circle of life...Diana


Kathy, She is precious. I hope she has alot of fun at her dance class.

I wonder how many outfits you will change and how many you will buy. Hope you will keep sharing her sweet pics:)

Ron Cooper said...


Hope your summer’s going well!

Already following you! Now posting inspiring messages on my new Facebook fan page three times a week. Take a peek:

Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I'm your newest follower from Think of Me Thursday. Please come by anytime you get a moment for a visit.


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Belly Charms said...

Cute, Cute...I was a little dancer too:)

Thank you so much for Linking up with the first Think of Me Thursday. I am a new follower too. Have a great night.

Erinn Giblin said...

Thank you so much for stopping by Mrs. Mama Drama for Think of Me Thursday! I'm now following you back!

My daughter calls my mom, "Mimi." Mimis are very special people!

Erinn @ Mrs. Mama Drama