Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Sight I Never Thought I'd See...

Nearly two years ago, my husband and I gave Madison a "Hello Kitty" bicycle for her third birthday. Wow, where does time go?!

The bicycle was just the right size for Madison when she received it, but she was afraid to ride it. Throughout the months following Madison's birthday, we all tried--without success--to get her to ride that bicycle.

Finally, this spring, Madison made up her mind to ride her bicycle--now that she is almost to big for it! We even had to raise the seat because her legs were so long!

There is a reason for Madison's determination to finally ride her bike! Do you see that home in the distance? It's where her cousin Cade lives!

Madison rides her bike up the road, gets to play at Cade's house for a few minutes, then rides her bike back home again.

Her lucky mama gets to walk along beside her, helping her if she gets stuck on a rock, or needs help turning the bicycle around. (Some folks have all the luck, huh?)

Seeing Madison ride that "Hello Kitty" bicycle is a sight I was beginning to think I'd never see!


Anonymous said...

Better late than never. :-)

LC said...

That's Maddie. When she is ready, she get's it done! I remember your posts about her determination NOT to ride that bike. Where has the time gone!