Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Tired "Handy Man" In the Making...

I've been meaning to write about Cade's recent obsession with my husband's tractor, lawnmower, and his tools. It's Cade's newest "phase". Children never cease to amaze me.

Every time Cade comes to visit, he has to visit "E-pa's" tool shed, sit on "E's" tractor, or sit on the lawnmower! He's content to just sit on the lawnmower or tractor, but he really likes to ride the tractor with Ed! Cade seems to really enjoy exploring the contents of Ed's tool shed, all the while asking "What's that?"

If it's dark outside, and Cade's not able to do any of the things previously mentioned, my husband will take Cade into the bedroom and show him a box of tools that we keep inside of the house.

I've never seen a little boy so thrilled at the sight of a hammer and a screw driver! I give the show "Handy Manny" all of the credit for this obsession! Cade is a loyal fan of the show.

Last week when Cade came for a visit, he arrived carrying a toy weed eater. His mama said that he fell in love with the weed eater the first time he saw it. From the looks of this photo that she took, I'd say she's correct! Someone once said--"a picture is worth a thousand words." I agree :)


Cindy said...

Now if he'll only keep that interest in tools when it comes to actually doing yardwork when he's old enough. LOL He's adorable.

LynnMarie said...

Hopefully he will still love it all when he takes over the lawn care! Cute photo.

LC said...

My youngest was also introduced to tools by his grndfather. He loved to visit his grandparents. Hew said his grandfather let him use "real things."I loved this caden update and the photo that tells the story.

So glad you had a day of relief from symptoms, Will keep praying.