Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caden Gets a New Set of Wheels

Recently, my husband and I, along with our married children and families, went on a long weekend trip to the beach. We stopped at a Target along the way to do some shopping. I was keeping Caden busy while his mom did her shopping.

I was looking for something to put in the buggy to let Caden rest on after his back got tired from sitting up. I spotted these really cute bean bags. The first one that I looked at was a baseball, and then the red car caught my eye...I put it down in the buggy and put Caden on top of it. He rode around the store like that for a while.

At the end of the shopping trip I put the bean bag chair back on the shelf and we left. As I so often do, I began thinking about that little chair and how cute it was. I reminded myself that Madison had a Dora chair and a Princess chair at my house, but Caden didn't have one.

So....on the way home from our trip we had to make a couple of stops to Target. The first Target was sold out of the car bean bags. The last stop, which was the store where I'd originally seen the car, still had two left--and they were now on sale! Yea...mission accomplished! Caden now has a chair at MiMi's house and his first set of wheels! Vrrooom, vrroom, go Cade, go!!

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