Friday, August 7, 2009

Caden's Tiny Toy Box

I keep Caden's little toys in a small plastic box with a lid. When he comes over I usually choose three or four toys at a time and give them to him to play with. The other day I decided to give him the whole box at one time, just to see what he would do....

Of course being a little boy, or just a little child in general, the first thing he did was empty the box--one toy at a time...Then he decided to look through the bottom of the empty box...

After looking through the bottom of the box for a bit, he discovered that he could push it over and use it for a drum....Cade is all about banging on things!

After a lengthly play session, Caden decided that his back was tired and he just fell over to rest for a bit...I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself! The tiny toy box is a hit!

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