Friday, August 21, 2009

Father and Son, Eight Months and a Lot of Changes...

Recently, my husband and I asked both of our married children and their families to all "chip in" and rent a condo with us at the beach. We've been on many trips with our daughter and her family, but had never taken a trip with our son and his family. We thought it would be nice to have a weekend with both of the families together--and it was.

When you live close together like we all do, you tend to have short visits. We all live on the same farm, and are within walking distance of each other. Brett has never been one to like to go on trips or spend a lot of time doing family-type things, so I was thrilled when he agreed to go. When you spend the whole weekend together, you get to see things that you wouldn't otherwise see.

I got to see a little more of the "fatherly" side of my oldest son. I saw him feeding Cade, and my heart swelled with pride. It was almost like, at that moment I realized that Brett was a daddy! I saw Brett put Cade on the little galloping horse outside of a store, and hold him while he took his first ride. I saw Brett play with Cade in the pool at the condo, and I saw him carry Cade around places, and just spend father/son time with him. It was wonderful to witness those things.

My husband was a wonderful father to our children--he was never too tired or busy to do what they asked of him--and still isn't! I hope Brett will be at least half of the father that Ed is. I hope he'll remember that sometimes it's those little things that mean the most, and most of all I hope that he will enjoy and cherish each day with his son, because children grow up so fast...he'll blink and one day Cade will be a dad himself !

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