Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Just Call Him Cade...The Music Maker

Recently, on one of his visits to MiMi's house, Cade discovered a new toy. It belonged to his daddy and his Uncle Brad when they were little boys. It's a drum full of musical instruments, called the Fisher Price Marching Band.

MiMi showed Cade how to play the cymbals and he really enjoyed banging them together and making "music".
We all noticed an interesting thing...every time that Cade banged those cymbals together, he would blink his eyes! It was amusing to watch! Now whenever Cade comes over for a visit, he loves to make music! There's a drum, the cymbals, maracas, a harmonica, and a tambourine...MiMi is thinking that she should send this toy home with Caden!

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Kathy, He is beautiful. I think he likes to make music with it at mimis house lol. Blessings, Audrey