Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Before I get started with today's Not Me, Monday post, I would like to announce the winner of Friday's Giveaway. The winning number was...31, so the winner is...Amanda, with the guess of 28! She wins two cute puzzles and a coloring/activity book with crayons. Your prize will be in the mail soon! Thanks so much to everyone who participated! If you participated, and didn't win, there will be a new giveaway this Friday...same game!

Now for today's post...Since my week was relatively boring compared to my daughter's, I will write about her week instead. My daughter is Maddie's mama. Madison/Maddie is one of the two delightful grandchildren that I write about on this blog each day!

Maddie's mama and I did not go shopping last Monday and see a sign beside some pumpkins that said 78 cents. We did not think that the pumpkins cost 78 cents a piece, only to find out that it meant 78 cents per pound! We bought the pumpkins anyway, even though that sign was misleading...

Madison's mama did not start out her week by planning for her family to paint those three pumpkins...she did not end up going to the Ladies Circle Meeting at church instead!

On Tuesday, Madison's mama did not decide to try the pumpkin painting activity again...only to receive a phone call reminding her of a church nominating committee meeting that she had forgotten about! No pumpkin painting that evening...

Wednesday Maddie's mama did not have to take their mini van to the shop for some (more) repairs. She did not find out that those repairs would cost $700.00! Maddie's mama is not slowly purchasing a new mini van--one piece at a time!

When Maddie's mama brought out those pumpkins and began the painting activity again, she did not have company show up unexpectedly! Finally the pumpkins got painted--eventually! Maddie's daddy did not paint a "wrestler" pumpkin! I will post pics soon!

Maddie's mama did not come over to get me on Thursday to take her to town to pick up her mini van from the repair shop. I had not just had my eyes dilated and was not practically blind! Maddie's mama did not end up driving me to town instead! I did not cautiously drive myself back home, but refuse to let Maddie ride with me!

That's about it for this version of Not Me, Monday. Now hop on over to Mckmama's, the creator of Not Me Monday, at http://www.mycharmingkids/ and check out her blog carnival of Not Me Monday posts. Thanks for stopping by...

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Kathy, Congratulations to your winner... That sounds like such a rough day. Hope things are better. Blessings, Audrey