Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009...The Year With Two Grandbabies!

What a difference a year makes...and what a year it was! This photo of Madison was taken in January right after her parents caught her trying on hats in bed when she should've been sleeping!

Madison has grown and changed a lot this year--going from a toddler who spoke in broken sentences to a completely potty-trained pre-schooler who can carry on an interesting conversation with you!

The thing that Madison does best is singing. She can pick up a tune with ease. If she forgets the words, she's great at improvising! I still call her the "toddler of 1000 tunes".

In January of 2009, Caden was still practically a new-born. This picture was taken the first time that he ever smiled and cooed at me.

He's gone from that cuddly baby to a sweet little fellow who has learned how to walk, but not without falling yet.

Cade's vocabulary is growing daily. He can say several words. The funniest thing that he says is "Brrrr" (explaining that it's cold outside). He can also tell you what sound the monkey makes--and he calls his "monkey lovie" his "key".

His "monkey lovie" is the top part of a monkey sewn into a small blanket. Cade sleeps with it and loves it very much.

2009 has been a very special year for me. Spending time with these two adorable grandchildren and watching them grow. I can only hope that 2010 will bring more of the same...Happy New Year everyone!

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