Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ho Ho Brought Everything!

Madison woke up early Christmas morning and found that Santa Claus had been to her house during the night. She not only found the two items that she had asked Santa for (a kitchen and a princess castle), but several other gifts as well. She proudly exclaimed to her mother " Look! Ho Ho brought everything!"

Ho Ho is what Madison calls Santa Claus. Last year she couldn't remember Santa, but she could remember Ho Ho. We all liked it, so the name sort of stuck.

We are so blessed to live next-door to Madison so we could just walk across the yard and share in her joy on Christmas morning. There is nothing more special than watching a child find their gifts on Christmas morning.

Ho Ho wrote Madison a note to tell her that he was proud of her for learning to use the potty by herself. Madison's mother says that having Madison learn to use the potty was her best Christmas present! I'll agree with that!

So now that Christmas is over, next comes the task of taking down the tree(s) and packing up the decorations. Madison's mama is working on those tasks. She's also working on the task of what to do with some of the old toys now that there are many new ones to put away...I remember those days...it doesn't seem that long ago.

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