Monday, December 28, 2009

Not Me Monday! Grandma and the Reindeer Feel Like They Got Hit By a Truck!

This picture says it all...these poor reindeer kept getting run over by various toy vehicles all during the holidays at MiMi's house! First, it was a tractor pulling a trailer that plowed into them...followed a few days later by a dump truck--ah, the joys of grandchildren!
Seriously, I have to brag that I have the best grandchildren, for a whole month neither one of them really bothered any of MiMi's Christmas decorations--and there were many of them that they could've bothered. Those reindeer were on the floor and just happened to get involved in "floor play", which I thought was funny.
In addition to the reindeer getting hit by various vehicles, the rain wreaked havoc on MiMi's outdoor decorations. It rained so much that water got in the plugs and tripped the circuit breaker! We were without outdoor decor for nearly a week while everything dried out.
Once things dried out, we plugged our outside decorations back up--only to discover that the blow up penguin and snowman were rather dirty from laying in mud for a week! I tried to brush off the poor things with a dry paint brush, but on my second attempt Mr. Penguin went flat!!! I guess the pressure was just too much for hubby, Mr. Ed, finally got him working again--but I don't dare touch him! Dirty decorations are better than no decorations!
We also had a wind storm that took out one of my three spiral trees...and our daughter-in-law bogged her car down in the yard on a Friday evening...while trying to get home .
Christmas Eve found poor MiMi and E-pa wrapping the last of the Christmas gifts until 1:00 in the morning. So much for getting ready in advance! The gifts were purchased weeks ago--just never wrapped!
Christmas Day found Cade's parents having a bit of a spat which caused them to miss out on MiMi's Christmas lunch and gift exchange, but these things happen in every family, as we all know. Unfortunately, they don't always happen at the best of times. We missed them--their empty places at the table were a sore reminder, but they did eventually show up later in the day.
The day after Christmas found poor MiMi in the bed until 12:00pm. She was exhausted! She also took a three hour nap that afternoon. Her poor body felt like those poor reindeer must've felt when those vehicles kept plowing into them...and that was our Christmas of 2009!!!

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