Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Photos

This photo of Cade was taken on Christmas night--after the presents were all opened. That's why he's standing in a pile of "stuff". I loved his Christmas shirt. It depicted a little boy trying to "catch" Santa.
Madison poses for a pic in the penguin hat--which matched the penguin on her dress.

We actually caught Cade wearing his Santa hat long enough to snap a photo. Oddly enough, he kept it on for several minutes on Christmas Eve--long enough to pose for 4 family photos!

This is the most treasured picture of the season. After 4 years of trying, we finally got a picture of Madison with Santa--with a smile on her face! She's always been terrified of Santa.
Thanks for hopping by and sharing my Christmas photos...Have a great day!

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Paige said...

Great pictures! Love the look on Madison's face with Santa...

LC said...

love the penquin hat and santa hat pix. Great memories!