Monday, March 8, 2010

Grown Too Soon...

Lately I've been really looking at my granddaughter, Madison, and noticing how much she's grown. It seems like she's grown three or four inches taller since Christmas--and her intellect has grown as well.

She's at such a fun age now. She's potty trained, and can carry on a conversation with us. She has her own opinions and ideas, and it's interesting to see what is going to come out of her mouth... even though sometimes it's also embarrassing.

Madison is now big enough to walk from her house to ours by herself--while her mother watches from the porch. It just doesn't seem possible that she's grown up enough to do that! She bursts through the door like a ray of sunshine...and then she wants to change the television channel, or color, play ring around the rosies, or play Barbies.

I watch each of Madison's milestones with pride, but also with a little sadness, for I know that time passes too quickly and before I know it, Madison will be grown up. Why can't life have a pause button, so we can enjoy times like these...just a little bit longer?

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