Monday, March 1, 2010

Helping MiMi Send "Good Wishes"

For the past couple of months I've been a pen pal to Abby Riggs. Abby is the young daughter(I believe she just turned 5) of Brent and Michelle Riggs. I've followed Brent's blogs for almost as long as I've been blogging. Abby has been battling leukemia for quite a while, and continues to fight.

Sometimes Madison and I sit down and color pictures together for Abby. I'll usually write Abby a letter to go with our pictures, then mail the pictures and letter along with a small surprise gift of some kind. I try to do this every couple of weeks to give Abby something to look forward to. She's sick a lot, in and out of the hospital--or housebound. I can't imagine going through what she is experiencing--at any age--but then I imgine being only five...

The other day Madison and I were talking about Abby, and Madison thought I meant Abby from Sesame Street. I told her I'd pull up the real Abby's picture and let her see what she looked like. When I went to the blog--there was a picture of Abby holding one of the little gifts that we'd sent to her...and she looked happy.

Then Madison asked the question to which I had no answer..."MiMi, why is Abby sick?" How do you explain pain and suffering to a three year old?

Madison and MiMi will continue to color those pictures, write letters, and mail surprises to Abby. We will continue to pray for Abby and her family as well...and we will thank God for His many blessings.

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LC said...

thoughtful, and Madison is learning how to live a life of giving by acutally giving.