Thursday, March 4, 2010

We Had So Much Fun!

Yesterday, Madison came over for a visit, and we played with a play dough set that I'd bought over the Christmas holidays--and saved for a special day! I don't know who had the most fun--Madison or me! For some reason, I found great pleasure in making the play dough "hair grow"! I'd laugh, and Madison would just look at if to say...what is so funny?

However, Madison found great joy in cutting the play dough hair! She never did quite figure out how to hold the scissors--and I didn't show her--with good reason! I was notorious for cutting my doll's hair when I was young!!! She won't learn her cutting techniques from MiMi!

Madison finally did figure out how to "cut" the play dough hair--and she was so pleased with her hair cut! What do you think? This is an early picture...she got more aggressive with practice...

When Madison's mother came over and saw what we were doing--the first words she said to Madison were "Now Madison, we ONLY cut the play dough doll's hair--not anything else!" I hope I haven't started a bad habit....Oh my!

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Baba said...

How cute is Madison working so hard on her play dough doll's hair..this looks like a fun thing to do with our grands.Thanks for sharing.. Baba