Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bear Shop...

Yesterday I went shopping with my daughter, Brandy, and her daughter, Madison. We had some errands to do. One of our stops was at Kmart, and it happened to be about lunchtime.

As we were checking out of Kmart, Madison noticed a cardboard cutout of the Icee Polar Bear, located next to their snack bar. Madison immediately began to beg to eat lunch at "The Bear Shop" (Kmart's snack bar) Although we tried really hard, we couldn't talk her out of it...so we ended up eating at "The Bear Shop"...

We walked up to the cashier/cook. She gave us a look that said "Oh please don't order food that I have to cook." I thought to myself...too bad lady, we are here to eat lunch--and misery loves company..."

While I ordered, I explained to the lady that my granddaughter insisted on eating here...and that I was unable to talk her out of it. My daughter overheard the conversation, and later chastised me about it. She advised me that my remark was a "sure fire way to get a "goober" put in my food."

Surprisingly, when the food was ready, I had a nice looking hamburger--complete with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and onion (I didn't see any "goobers"). Madison thoroughly enjoyed her hot dog and french fries! Brandy, on the other hand, ended up with a "dried-up-looking" little pepperoni pizza that had four hard, dry, little pepperoni slices on it! We both laughed when we saw it--she couldn't even eat it!

The moral of this story is...if you are at Kmart, and you have a child with you who insists on eating at "The Bear Shop", order the cheeseburger combo--but not the pepperoni pizza--and watch what you say to the cook!


Christina's Creative Side said...

Well I didn't call it The Bear Shop, but I did love the KMart snack bar when I was younger! In fact, my brothers and sister and I would walk to KMart quite often way back then. :)

NanaDiana said...

It'd not called the Bear Shop here & it's at Target-but the food is not tooooo bad...except for their pizza! lol---probably the same pizza that K-Mart gets! AND, the hot dogs are GOOD!

Jingle said...


It has been a long time without visiting..
Happy Saturday!