Monday, June 14, 2010

Clean House...

Yesterday afternoon my oldest son came over for a visit while his wife and son were at a party. He walked in and sat down. In a few minutes, he looked around the room and said " Your house isn't usually this clean when I come over." I shot him a dirty look, and asked "What do you mean by that?" He then clarified himself by explaining that the floor is usually littered with toys from the grandchildren! I explained that I hadn't had any company today.
Yes, these days, more often than not, the floor stays littered with toys. Some days it bothers me that I can't keep it picked up...then I remind myself of all of those years when I had a clean house and no grandchildren--and I wanted grandchildren so badly!
By the wasn't even 20 minutes after my son made that statement about the house, when both grandchildren arrived and the floor looked normal once again! Yes, give me clutter any day...I love my grandchildren much more than a clean house!

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NanaDiana said...

Yep, me too, Mimi! I let my grandchildren create more chaos than I ever let my own kids get aways with. Although, I must say they are at the age now that just before they leave we have a "pick it up and put it away party". All accompanied by a little ditty I sing as they go. I don't mind the toys, but I hate it when they have squished something sticky into my carpet-lol-which is why I insist they eat (most of the time) at the table or the counter.