Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodnight Caden...

Cade is spending the afternoon with me today. I just finished putting him down for his afternoon nap.

He has a unique nap time ritual. After I sing about a dozen or so songs to him, we go down the list of names of everyone in the family and tell each one of them goodnight. He says "Bye Mimi", "Bye E", "Bye Maddie"--sort of his version of "Goodnight Moon". His mama told me that he always does this before going to sleep.

After telling everyone "bye" he settles down with his "key" (his little monkey blanket), and quietly goes to sleep.

I love hearing Cade tell everyone goodnight. He's usually quiet, and I don't get to hear him talk much. He's such a sweet little fellow...especially when he's sleeping.


NanaDiana said...

There is NOTHING sweeter in the world than a sleeping baby! Thanks for sharing him with us~

Christina's Creative Side said...

Aw I love this picture! I should look for the "Goodnight Moon" book; I hadn't thought of that. :)