Thursday, November 5, 2009

Caden Loves Anyhing With Wheels...

Caden has all but stopped playing with his "baby toys" at my house. I've put away most all of the rattles and squeeze toys. It's sort of sad, but inevitable that babies grow up too quickly--especially these days!

Cade's newest love is anything with wheels. I found some Little People vehicles and he enjoys playing with those. They are large and chunky for his hands, but they make noise and have moving parts, too. At first he would just sit and play with them by opening and closing the moving parts, but now he's learned how to roll them across the floor-making the motor sounds as he rolls them! That's our "little man"! I can remember that his daddy loved to do the same thing when he was about Caden's size.

He also loves a ball! He can say "ball "now, and says it every time that he sees one. He will slap the ball across the room and then crawl after it. It's funny that he seems to enjoy playing ball by himself. Cade enjoys balls of all sizes, too. The other night my husband was rolling tennis sized balls in the hall and Cade was chuckling the entire time.

Cade's also learning to play with larger ride-on toys, too, but I will save that for another post. Oh, my...where is our "Baby Cade" going? On to bigger and better things, that's where! Thanks for stopping by...have a great day!

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Kathy, He is beautiful... What a blessing:) They do grow up way to fast. Great pic.